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Menstrual Cycles w/Coumadin Therapy

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  • Menstrual Cycles w/Coumadin Therapy

    How does your menstrual cycle change with Coumadin? I have heard different things from the nurses and doctors. Everything from it will be easier to it will go a few days longer to you'll bleed so much heavier and have lots of trouble....I am a little confused. I haven't had one since my surgery but I am kind of dreading it already. Any advice or suggestions?

    I am 31, so I have lots of years left to have them. URGH! hehe! I usually have cramps the day of and then light headedness too. The second day is usually ok. I only go 4 days. I wonder if that will be more now. Always have been regular and never had any kind of problems, perfect normal pregnancies and all that.



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    This is definitely one of those "everyone is different" situations. Many doctors will tell you coumadin has no effect on your periods but it did on mine. However, I had awful periods before going on coumadin - they just got worse from a bleeding standpoint. I ended up getting a hysterectomy due to endometriosis; next to OHS, one of the best decisions of my life.

    Obviously you will find out soon enough. I will pray that you are one of the ones who is not affected.


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      Thank you


      Thanks bunches for that prayer. I have been reading past forums on menstrual cycles. Your absolutely right. Everyone is different. I guess I'll see at the end of the month how I'll be. I am sure it will all be fine too.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement.

      God Bless and have a wonderful week.


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        Deffinately everyone is different. I myself have had a huge adjustment to deal with. I too only had a light 4 day period. Well now since my OHS this past june.. I have had aweful periods. Very Heavey and TWICE a month.

        Ive been seeing different doctors to help control them. But no one dares to put me back on birth control since they can cause blood clots. I was on birth control up until October but then was hospitalised due to what they thought was a blood clot.

        so now, im dealing with unknown dates of when my period wants to start, and the bleeding is longer and heavier. AND i get them TWICE. oh lucky us girls!! Oh and MY moods.. well lets say... im an angry ol 26 year old who isnt always so nice anymore..:mad: ops.. its not our fault right...

        But thats only MY SITUATION.. not to say that you will be like that. But please be prepaired that the first few months.. you might want some tylenol! and lots of female products! ;)

        I really hope that you have good luck with yours when the time comes! And if they find a "cure" for me.. ill let you know... incase there is something they are aloud to do for us!

        Take Care,


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          With OHS your body has been through a shocker, so your timing and heaviness of your cycles could be off for a while. Any issues you have with heavy bleeding the first half a year shouldn't necessarily be chalked up to Coumadin.

          Everyone is different, as previously said. I had my replacement at age 32 and did not notice any change over-all until I crept into the mid-40's range where hormonal changes may be the culprit for heavier periods more than Coumadin is. However, there are some women here who've had very heavy periods from day one.

          So for now Dinah, it's just a wait and see thing for you.


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            Originally posted by Diesel

            Deffinately everyone is different. I myself have had a huge adjustment to deal with. I too only had a light 4 day period. Well now since my OHS this past june.. I have had aweful periods. Very Heavey and TWICE a month.

            Ive been seeing different doctors to help control them. But no one dares to put me back on birth control since they can cause blood clots. I was on birth control up until October but then was hospitalised due to what they thought was a blood clot.

            Take Care,
            Diesel...I'm not sure that your Dr.'s are on the right track about the birth control. I see that they think you had a clot and it may have been caused by BC pills..that may be the case. But the whole thing sounds a little suspicious to me.

            My Dr's have been saying "GREAT"! Get her on birth control, since she is already anti-coagulated, the clot side effect is greatly reduced. Remember a pregnancy is VERY, VERY DANGEROUS for us with valve disease. And Warfarin/Coumadin is extremely toxic to a developing fetus.

            I suggest that you talk with a hematologist about warfarin/coumadin and birth control does not exclude the other!
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              Menstrual Cycles w/Coumadin Therapy

              That isn't something that I had even thought about. My London cardiologist stopped me taking HRT the day before my surgery, until then I had my monthly period. I was a bit miffed to have them stop it but the lack of periods has been great and after reading this thread I am really glad he did take me off HRT.
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                I also had significantly longer, and unmanageably heavier periods after starting coumadin. And my OB/GYN said definately no estrogen, as it promotes clotting. However I have been successful with depo-provera shots, once every three months, which have virtually eliminated my periods, other than occasional light spotting.


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                  I would have to agree with Lynette on this one. After my surgery in August, I was very nervous about getting my periods back. When they did come, they were TERRIBLE. It wasn't so much the blood flow, but the cramps. I don't think that would have anything to do with the coumadin:confused: Anyways, my doctors all told me that I needed to be on birthcontrol untill menopause so they recommended something very low in estrogen, ortho-tryclen LO or the "mini-pill" would be great choices. But the best one, I think would have to be the depo-provera, since it contains no estrogen. I just had my first depo shot two months ago, I go back for my next one in Feb. In the beginning I hated the shot, I had break thru bleeding every week, but now it's getting better! I haven't had any weight gain like I know some women do, and I haven't really noticed anything different. Overall, I think that if your gonna try something, the shot is the best. That way you can have your birthcontrol, and you don't have to worry that it will increase the blood-clotting.

                  But as far as just the basic periods, I really can't be for certain how or if they change. I mean I did have very bad cramps, but like I said, I don't think that would have anything to do with coumadin. Plus, my periods before my operation were pretty bad.


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                    Birth control and coumadin

                    I am on Ortho Evra and use it continuously for 3 months then off for 1 week to get my period - 4 times a year. Ortho Evra is a patch so I love it - leave it on for a week. There's also a new BCP that's for 3 months continuous use, Seasonale.

                    BCPs are said to increase the risk of clots, but since I'm on coumadin, theoretically the two cancel each other out (haven't been able to verify this completely, but my doctor agreed this is true on paper). In addition, the coumadin is titrated over diet and meds to the correct INR.

                    My cramps are a little more painful, but I'm one of those people who just ignore stuff like that, or who have been blessed with no major problems or issues with my periods. Haven't noticed a big change since surgery/coumadin.

                    I love the continuous use patch, my OB/GYN was all for it as well. I'm 43 so am perhaps more assertive than I used to be about my treating my periods as something that can be managed, not the other way around.

                    I'd say talk to your OB/GYN about your options. If they're like talking to a brick wall, find a better doctor!

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             your doctor gave you the impression that since you were on coumadin, that it would cancel out the risk of blood clots from BC:confused: I kinda thought that too, but when I talked to my cardio about getting on birthcontrol, she still wanted me on low-estrogen (meaning either the shot or ortho-tryclen lo). Also, I have heard that they are finding out that using the "patch" could increase your risk of blood clots, vs. regular birithcontrol. Not sure it that is true:confused:

                      Is anyone on the IUD? I wanted to try that after I had my son, it's like a copper piece they insert inside...looks kinda like a "T". Then you don't have to worry about bc for up to 5 years. My friend has that and highly recommended it, but my cardio said that wasn't a good option for me incase of infection. That any kind of "foreign" object in the body could increase the risk of an infection, which could in return affect the heart.

                      Well, which ever bc you choose is going to be better then getting pregant while taking coumadin, that's for sure.


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                        I was interested in this thread. Ok, I know Chloe is a way off from all this yet, being only 6 but still, a mums mind wanders...

                        Nice to know there are options to help with heavy periods like depo-provera injection. I have that myself anyway cos the other pills and things give me headaches so have no real worries about her having that when if thats what is needed to help her regulate them. I didnt realise it was the estrogen that increased clot risk, so that was good to know too,

                        Thanks for starting the thread
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                          No Problems


                          Well had my first period after surgery last week and it was a little heavier (I noticed no clots at all this time on the pads) and lasted only a day longer. Nothing I can't handle. One thing was AWESOME though, I had NO CRAMPS at all. It kind of snuck up on me. So I'll trade a day longer and a little heavier for no cramps. And of course the wonderful thing Warfarin is doing for my new little valve and the fact it's keeping me alive basically...can't forget how awesome that is. That?s definitely worth it. Thanks for your prayers and post. It wasn't so bad after all. Hope all is well with you all.

                          Love Dinah....God Bless YOU!!!


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                            Same subject, did this happen to anyone else?

                            I was supposed to start my period about a week after my OHS, but it went ahead and started the second day after my surgery. It was awful! I could not bend over to take care of myself. My mom did everything for me. It is amazing how even at 31, your mom is willing to do that kind of stuff for you.

                            My periods seem heavier (although I have always had a heavy period)(except when I was on birth control) I had my tubes tied before my my OHS, and would hate to spend money on birth control pills. BECCA


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                              BECCASLP...that probably wasn't an actual period that you got right after your surgery. Usually when a woman has any kind of intense surgery, she will get a "period" within the next couple days. I know when I had my heart surgery I got mine while I was in intensive care. I also got a "period" after I had back surgery (about 10 years ago). I don't know why that is:confused: I was just told that after a traumatic event like that, it just happens. I don't know why they never told me to expect that when they were explaining the procedure and what to expect after surgery. So keep that in mind, that if your a woman who gets her period on a regular basis, you will probably get it right after surgery. I just have to add, what a LOUSY time to get it:D